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Copper Powder

Copper Powder

Dendritic light rosy powder,easily oxidizedle in the moist air and soluble in heated sulfuric acid or nitric acid. High purity, dendritic shape powder,high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Widely used in diamond tools, carbon brushes, friction materials, P/M products and abrasive materials,pastes, electrical and electronic applications.


Material Cooper
Shelf Life 1 Year
Color Brown
Purity 90%
Form Powder
Packaging Type Plastic Packets
Features Non Harmful
Packaging size 1Kg, 25Kg

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 250

Items Price, INR Action

100 Grams

INR 650.00 / 100

250 Grams

INR 1,190.00 / 250

500 Grams

INR 1,950.00 / 500