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Terbium Metal is the important additive for NdFeB permanent magnets to raise the Curie temperature and improve temperature coefficiency. Another most promising use of distilled Terbium Metal  is in the magneto strictive alloy TEFENOL-D. There are also other applications for some special master alloys. Terbium is primarily used in phosphors, particularly in fluorescent lamps and as the high intensity green emitter used in projection televisions. Terbium Metal can be further processed to various shapes of ingots, pieces, wires, foils, slabs, rods, discs and powder.


Formula Tb
CAS No. 7440-27-9
Molecular Weight 158.93
Density 8.219 g/cm3
Melting point 1356 °C
Appearance Silvery grey ingot, rods, foils, slabs, tubes, or wires
Stability Stable in air
Ductibility Medium
Multilingual Terbium Metall, Metal De Terbium, Metal Del Terbio

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Min. Order Quantity 100 Gram