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Zirconium Nitride Powder

Zirconium Nitride Powder

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Zirconium Nitride compounds as the change of composition has a variety of crystal structure, at the same time, these compounds in such aspects as wear-resisting, resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance is superior to the pure zirconium, and it has high superconducting critical temperature, so it has the potential to be a good superconductor and the very high use value.

  • Molecular formula: ZrN
  • HS code no.: 2850001900

Uses: metal-ceramic industry, high temperature resistance alloy additives.


Brand Chemical Composition %
  Zr N AL C Fe SI S
ZrN Margin 42991 0.1 0.2 0.35 0.3 0.03
Size -100 mesh,-325 mesh or on processing required
Packing 1 kg/ bag,25  kg/ drum
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25 Grams

INR 5,125.00

50 Grams

INR 9,150.00

100 Grams

INR 18,500.00