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Titanium Carbide Bar

Titanium Carbide Bar

Price : 89,545.00

Use of finest raw material helps us in bringing forth exceptional products. Due to this very fact, we make use of only quality raw materials procured from trusted sources. With our brilliant logistics network, we can furnish urgent and massive requirements of the buyers with ease.



  • The carbide rods have high and stable quality
  • Tolerance and producing process is strictly controlled by QA
  • High wear resistance, high heat resistance and high corrosion resistance
  • Fast delivery
  • Reasonable price

Applications of the titanium round bar

  • Solid Titanium Carbide Rods are suitable for the manufacturing of vrious kinds of solid titanium carbide tools for the machining of heat-resistant alloys and Ti alloy, etc.
  • It's also suitable for micro-drills used for machining PCB.

Grades for round bars/carbide rods

Grade Density T.R.S MPa Hardness HRA
YL10.1 14.77-15.04 Above 2500 1580
YL10.2 14.4-14.55 Above 4000 1600
YL10.5 14.4-14.55 Above 3800 1550
YL50 13.86-14.10 Above 2060 1010

Note : There are more specifications of the goods provided, also can produce according to customer's drawings.


Specifications for round bards/carbide rods

Product  Type OD Tolerance  of  OD ID Tolerance  of  ID Length
Sintered  titanium carbide  rods 0.3-50.0mm +/-  0.3mm / / 10-500mm
Finished titanium carbide  rods 0.3-50.0mm +0/-0.006mm / / 10-500mm
TItanium carbide  rods  for  PCB  tools / +/-  0.05mm / /  
TItanium  carbide  rods  with  a  straight  coolant  hole 2.0-50.0mm +/-  0.2mm 0.3-10mm +/-  0.1mm 310mm,  330mm
TItanium  carbide  rods  with  two  straight  coolant  holes 4.0-50.0mm +/-  0.5mm 0.3-10.0mm +/-  0.1mm 310mm,  330mm
TItanium carbide  rods  with  two  helical  holes 5.0-50.0mm +/-  0.3mm 0.5-10mm +/-  0.1mm 310mm,  330mm