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Spherical Aluminium Powder

Spherical Aluminium Powder

We are a well-known Spherical Aluminium Powder Exporter and Supplier in India.

Element Contents

  • Actice Al, (min) 98. %
  • Cu(max)0.015
  • Fe(max)0.20
  • Si(max)0.20
  • H2O(max)0.10

Particle Size : The particle size can be controlled in 0-45um as you wish.


  • Symmetrical particle size, small granularity distributing margin and high tap density
  • Good sphericity, low impurities content, activated aluminum over 98%.
  • Silver-gray appearance, no exterior miscellaneous items or glomeration, low moisture content, allowing long time storage

Application Scopes

  • Top class metal pigments
  • Composite materials (composite thermal spraying metal power, ceramic composite steel tube)
  • Military industry (powder, ammunition stuffing)
  • Aviation (rocket solid propellant)
  • Chemical industry (chemical activator, pesticide)
  • Metallurgy (aluminothermy, steel-making deoxidizing agents)
  • Fire-resistant materials (magnesia alumina bricks for steel-making facilities)
  • New construction materials (aerating agents for aerated concrete)
  • Anti-rust materials
  • Fireworks, firecrackers and etc.

Packing : in Steel drum of 25kg or 50kg net each


Brand Name NB
Shape spherical powder
Place of Origin INDIA

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 100 Gram
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Delivery Time 7 days
Packaging Details Air Tight PP Bag

Items Price, INR Action

25 Grams

INR 4,125.00

50 Grams

INR 8,250.00

100 Grams

INR 16,500.00