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Silicon Nitride Bars

Silicon Nitride Bars

Price : 28,950.00

Gas pressure sintered silicon nitride (GPSSN) is a sintering processing at high temperature after isostatic pressing of silicon nitride powder with other additives. The nitrogen pressure (<20mpa) during sintering could restrain the dissociation of si3n4 and get the full sintering at high temperature, which make the silicon nitride products to highest density and lowest porosity.

Product Advantages

  • Moulding: Cold isostatic pressing(CIP)
  • Sintering: GPSN/RSSN
  • High strength and good compactness
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • No wetting by molten aluminum and non-ferrous metal
  • Good corrosion resistance

Common size: We can also prodcue other sizes according to your drawing.

Packaging Details:

  • We general have two types for safe package: carton and pallet.
  • If there's special demands, we will respect your suggestion.

Delivery Detail:

  • General within 20 working days, it depends on the quantity.

Technical Data

Types Gas  Si3N4
Density >3.2g/cm3
Si3N4  content >92%
Flexural  strength >600Mpa
Compressive  strength >1500Mpa
Thermal  conductivity(W/mk) 16-22
Porosity 0
Thermal  expansion  coeff.(RT-1000) 3.2
Max  temperature in  air 1400
Hardness(HRA) >92