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Lanthanum Ingots

Lanthanum Ingots

We have a strong distribution network, owing to which we efficiently transport the goods to the desired place. We have garnered wide appreciation for offering the best quality products that are the best outcome premium material and modern manufacturing techniques.



  • Formula: La
  • CAS No.: 7439-91-0
  • Molecular Weight: 138.91
  • Density: 6.16 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 920 °C
  • Appearance: Silvery lump pieces, ingots, rod, foil, wire, etc.
  • Stability: Easy oxidized in the air.
  • Ductibility: Good
  • Multilingual: Lanthan Metall , Metal De Lanthane, Metal Del Lantano

Package: 25kg or 50kg net weight for each iron drum lined with a single layer of plastic bags, filled with argon protection. 1000kg net weight on a plastic or wooden pallet.
Delivery Date: 6-7 working days for sample order, 15 working days for bulk order after signing contract and receipt of prepayment; As your request

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25 Kgs

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