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Aluminium Nitride Powder

Aluminium Nitride Powder

We are a noteworthy name when it comes to Aluminium Nitride Powder that is the perfect outcome of premium material and advanced processing techniques. Only high quality raw material is used for preparing the offered lot and we make sure that it is sourced from the trusted places and that too after complete quality confirmation.


Applications for Aluminum Nitride Powder:
For composite materials, it is good matching with semiconductor silicon, interface compatibility, and can improve the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of the dielectric properties of the composites. Nano Aluminum Nitride is mainly used to manufacture integrated circuit substrates, electronic components, optical devices, radiators, hot crucible; fabrication of metal matrix and polymer matrix composites, especially in high temperature sealing and adhesive electronic packaging materials have excellent prospects. Also nano aluminum nitride is also used in non-ferrous metal smelting and semiconductor material gallium arsenide crucible, evaporation boat protective tube, thermocouple, high temperature insulation, microwave dielectric materials, high temperature and corrosion-resistant aluminum nitride structural ceramics and transparent microwave ceramics, as well as the current application in PI resin, mica thermal insulation, thermal grease, insulating paint and thermal oil.


  40nm   99.95%   hexagonal  
  100nm    99.5%   hexagonal  
  1-2um   99%   Irregular crystal  
  5-10um   99.5%   Irregular crystal  
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